Back to WORK tomorrow!

Not actual work mind you, as I find myself in a transition phase in my career, having been downsized on Dec 20, but work on regaining my health, and improving my fitness levels. I have been not watching what I eat, and remaining lethargic for far too long.

My fitness focus in 2014 is going to be on functional fitness, and doing exercise routines that I can maintain long term. While I am not working, the plan is to exercise ALOT, while I have the time. I am looking to try an obstacle mud run and get into running once I get my weight down. I plan to do lots more hiking, biking, and kayaking this year and other things I enjoy. Less time sitting and more time moving. Keeping it simple.

It starts tomorrow with some snow shoeing with my wife and some friends. We have been absolutely hammered by snow so far this winter and we are getting out for the first time this winter tomorrow, I can’t wait!

2013-12-30 15.49.56

As you can see we’ve had a lot of snow. Looking forward to getting out into the fresh air and getting some exercise.


About Shane

Works in IT, working to regain good health.
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One Response to Back to WORK tomorrow!

  1. emmarossruns says:

    That’s an amazing amount of snow and a super cute dog. Best of luck for 2014

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