Busy day

Today was a very busy day spent trying to get my financial ducks in a row, working on my resume, playing phone tag with people I need to speak with, and most importantly, watching Canadian Juniors play-off games (mostly kidding, haha). I didn’t get a lot of exercise, its too damn cold to be outside (try minus 38 Celsius/minus 27 Fahrenheit), and I spent much of the day on the phone. I did get in alot of stretching, and a bunch of push-ups.

I am ready to begin this coming Monday regular exercise again, and I will be getting some snoeshoeing in this coming weekend as a warm up. As I said yesterday I have not been working out regularly of late and I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

Just a short post today, just getting back into the habit of writing here. I will have more substantial things to say once I clean up my eats starting Monday, and I start exercised in a structured way. This will be the year I finally get into my lifetime best condition, and great health.


About Shane

Works in IT, working to regain good health. http://www.fitness101in1001.com
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One Response to Busy day

  1. Sean says:

    get a chin up bar : ). attack randomly it all day

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