Back and ready to ROCK


2013 was a long and interesting year. Just like every year there were highs and lows. The first five months I dealt with blood pressure and migraine issues, with my BP consistently being in the 185/117 range for 5 straight months. I went from March 15th to Dec 17th without a migraine, the longest I went in 6 years without a migraine (the previous two years 16 days was the longest). Dec 20th was my last day at work after I had been downsized after 10 years with a great company that treated me nothing but fairly. I did not like the role (hated it actually) but the company always treated me fair and just. This has brought alot of stress on me since I found out in mid November, but I am over that now and ready for new beginnings.

Given that I have some time at the start of 2014 as I look to find where my career will take me left, this is the ideal time to focus on my health and fitness. I have been very lazy and lethargic since coming home from Vegas in October. Since finding out that I would be losing my job in November I have eaten everything that has not been nailed down. I went to vegas at 219 lbs on October 10th (coming down from and all time high of 250 on July 1st). I now sit at 240 ish pounds (I don’t know exact weight as I have not been on a scale in a couple days). I have barely worked out more than 2 3 times a week in two months. Some weeks, not at all. This coming Monday I will be starting tracking every morcel that goes in my mouth again, and will begin regular exercise tomorrow.

I do best when I document my journey. I love to write, and I need the accountability. So I am back to my blog. The problem I have had in recent years is that I get worried about who is reading what I write and I start to censor myself. No more. I will write for myself, and I will document my journey warts and all. If i don’t exercise I will document it. If I drink alcohol (and I will occasionally) I will document it. I will celebrate my victories, and I will fess up to my shortcomings. I will be blogging as close to daily as I can manage and I will achieve my lifetime best condition in 2014.

I’m ready to cut the excuses and bull shit, and do the work.

Here we go.


About Shane

Works in IT, working to regain good health.
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2 Responses to Back and ready to ROCK

  1. Get after it and put it all out there, that is the only way you will be accountable to yourself.

  2. socalmark says:

    Happy New Year! Keep on Rockin’!

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