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Hey guys, if anyone happens upon this site, please follow the next steps in my journey to health and fitness at my new site


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Hello…is this thing on?

Well, yesterday it was a year since my last post in this spot. I tried blogging in a self hosted blog but that didn’t get very far. A few dozen sporadic posts but not a whole lot. Just not motivated to post I guess. Since posting last, its been an interesting ride on my personal fitness journey. I gained weight, hitting an all time personal high of 252.0 lbs on July 26. I then proceeded to lose 35 lbs by Dec 15th. I relaxed as many of us do over the holidays, exercising 6 days a week, but eating and drinking with abandon. I went all the way back to 230 by New years day, and now 10 days later I am back down to 223. Up down, up down.

So I am back to write here. I get bored simply writing about what I ate or didn’t eat, and/or just talking about my workouts, so I instead am going to turn this into an all around exercise/nutrition/fitness/outside adventure blog. I progress best when I document, but after 15 years of documenting eating and exercise (the writing comes in spurts) I am not motivated to write about souly that anymore. My favorite exercise these days are nice long walks, preferably in the woods or on snowshoes when the weather cooperates, and I will hopefully have some outside adventures/hikes I can post about.

So if this passes by anyones news feeds, I am back to writing. I have been exercising consistantly for 6 months now minimally 3 times a week but often 6 times a week. I went to the gym for a few months, and progressed well, but I just don’t enjoy the gym atmosphere anymore. So I am back to exercising at home with bodyweight exercise, my 5-50 lbs powerblocks and doing beachbody programs mixed in with youtube videos etc to go along with all the walking I can handle when it is not 35 below celcius as it has been here on the East Coast of Canada this past 10 days or more. So even though I have been exercising pretty steadily and successfully for 6 months, this is in a sense a reboot and a fresh start and day 1 simply for blogging purposes. It feels good to be back.

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Overdid it today

So while I have been quiet post wise this week I have been working out despite having some kind of virus, or sinus issue. I am very tired tonight, having done yoga this morning and a three hour walk this afternoon in the woods, half of which were done on my snow shoes. I didn’t actually set out to go out for so long but got turned around on a new (to me) snowshoe trail and ended up much further away then i had planned.

My face was pretty swelled up due to the sinus infection or whatever the heck i had going on this week, but I still managed to work out each day this week. Each day this week I have done the first 4 days of P90x, so I guess I have committed myself to doing P90x haha. I have mentioned many times on these pages that I have “unfinished business” with that program. I do enjoy the workouts and I have had success with the program in the past. I want to finish this time, and I believe I will.

Today I bought myself a Fitbit One to track steps and sleeping patterns. I have wanted a fitbit for years, and since I hadn’t decided on something to tell my wife to get me for my birthday couple weeks ago, decided to get that. Just picked it up tonight, got it all configured and I start using it tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Hiking, and walking have always been a big part of my exercise program and since I am a nerd and love all things “stats” this is right up my alley. after a few weeks of use, I will give a review.

I am exausted so I am headed to bed. Was a very long day of exercise and getting over this bug. I will post my starting stats that were taken Monday my day 1 tomorrow, and I will be weighing myself going forward once a week to keep myself honest. Am off to a good start effort and consistency wise, just need to keep it up.

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Back to WORK tomorrow!

Not actual work mind you, as I find myself in a transition phase in my career, having been downsized on Dec 20, but work on regaining my health, and improving my fitness levels. I have been not watching what I eat, and remaining lethargic for far too long.

My fitness focus in 2014 is going to be on functional fitness, and doing exercise routines that I can maintain long term. While I am not working, the plan is to exercise ALOT, while I have the time. I am looking to try an obstacle mud run and get into running once I get my weight down. I plan to do lots more hiking, biking, and kayaking this year and other things I enjoy. Less time sitting and more time moving. Keeping it simple.

It starts tomorrow with some snow shoeing with my wife and some friends. We have been absolutely hammered by snow so far this winter and we are getting out for the first time this winter tomorrow, I can’t wait!

2013-12-30 15.49.56

As you can see we’ve had a lot of snow. Looking forward to getting out into the fresh air and getting some exercise.

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Busy day

Today was a very busy day spent trying to get my financial ducks in a row, working on my resume, playing phone tag with people I need to speak with, and most importantly, watching Canadian Juniors play-off games (mostly kidding, haha). I didn’t get a lot of exercise, its too damn cold to be outside (try minus 38 Celsius/minus 27 Fahrenheit), and I spent much of the day on the phone. I did get in alot of stretching, and a bunch of push-ups.

I am ready to begin this coming Monday regular exercise again, and I will be getting some snoeshoeing in this coming weekend as a warm up. As I said yesterday I have not been working out regularly of late and I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

Just a short post today, just getting back into the habit of writing here. I will have more substantial things to say once I clean up my eats starting Monday, and I start exercised in a structured way. This will be the year I finally get into my lifetime best condition, and great health.

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Back and ready to ROCK


2013 was a long and interesting year. Just like every year there were highs and lows. The first five months I dealt with blood pressure and migraine issues, with my BP consistently being in the 185/117 range for 5 straight months. I went from March 15th to Dec 17th without a migraine, the longest I went in 6 years without a migraine (the previous two years 16 days was the longest). Dec 20th was my last day at work after I had been downsized after 10 years with a great company that treated me nothing but fairly. I did not like the role (hated it actually) but the company always treated me fair and just. This has brought alot of stress on me since I found out in mid November, but I am over that now and ready for new beginnings.

Given that I have some time at the start of 2014 as I look to find where my career will take me left, this is the ideal time to focus on my health and fitness. I have been very lazy and lethargic since coming home from Vegas in October. Since finding out that I would be losing my job in November I have eaten everything that has not been nailed down. I went to vegas at 219 lbs on October 10th (coming down from and all time high of 250 on July 1st). I now sit at 240 ish pounds (I don’t know exact weight as I have not been on a scale in a couple days). I have barely worked out more than 2 3 times a week in two months. Some weeks, not at all. This coming Monday I will be starting tracking every morcel that goes in my mouth again, and will begin regular exercise tomorrow.

I do best when I document my journey. I love to write, and I need the accountability. So I am back to my blog. The problem I have had in recent years is that I get worried about who is reading what I write and I start to censor myself. No more. I will write for myself, and I will document my journey warts and all. If i don’t exercise I will document it. If I drink alcohol (and I will occasionally) I will document it. I will celebrate my victories, and I will fess up to my shortcomings. I will be blogging as close to daily as I can manage and I will achieve my lifetime best condition in 2014.

I’m ready to cut the excuses and bull shit, and do the work.

Here we go.

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Don’t. Give. Up. On. Me

I had a pretty crappy November. Coming down off the trip 25 years in the making, struggling to get my fitness feet under me again. Self doubt as far as fitness and health goals. Lack of Motivation. Lost my job of ten years with a great company (did not like the role I was doing in recent years, but the company has been AMAZING to me), my last day is Dec 20th. Blah blah blah.

But today, is a new day, and yesterday the start of a new month. I have been up two days in a row by 6 and exercised in the morning. Although my eating hasn’t been amazing the last two days, I have been mindful of what I am eating, and today, once again, I start tracking. I am stressed about the job situation, but am in a position that i can swing it for a little while until I figure out what to do with myself. Do I still want to be in IT? Is now the perfect time to start studying to become what I have wanted to do since I was 14 or 15, a personal trainer? I don’t know the answer to these.

I had my friends over for darts and poker this past Friday night, and Mud Hero is still a go for July 5/6th weekend 2014. I still am kicking around the idea of trying to run the spartan race just a week later as well with a buddy of mine that is doing both. Alot will depend on my job situation. I have no idea what the future holds yet, but I know I can’t sit around and do nothing. I must continue to work to reach great health, and undo the damage of 10 years of sedentary lifestyle and sitting which contributed greatly to my blood pressure issues, and all the other health crap I have been dealing with for the last few years. The world keeps turning, so its time to put on my big boy pants and do what needs to be done!

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